NH, MA, ME - May 24 - 30

It's June 6th. We are in Acadia and hoping to head into Canada today, but before we can leave the US we have a few tasks to complete. One of them is uploading pics from the past two weeks of adventure!  We will spit them into two posts.

Oh, and we have been with our friend Linda for much of the past two weeks. She is the professional photographer, so any great pics....are probably her's!

Scott and Linda had a perfect spot for both our rig and their's at their home in Atkinson, NH. 

Saturday we did a short driving tour visiting Newburyport, Newbury and probably somewhere else with 'port' or 'bury' in it. We went to their favorite wood fired pizza shop. They give out dough instead of crayons for kid and adult entertainment.

At Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, we found our friends the "plovers" again.  These little guys have appeared to have closed-off half the eastern seaboard;)

Watched a very funny street performer

It's good to be in the New England area if you love fresh seafood!

We spent time hanging out and doing the things people do when they are home, with good weather,  and great friends

Daddy was able to play sous chef when Scott made his homemade pizza.  Each one is unique and beautiful!

On Memorial Day we watched the Atkinson community parade and then headed to Ogunquit, ME.

We walked the Marginal Way Walkway path along the coast to Perkins Cove. While JAK was posing for this pic on the drawbridge, the alarm went off to raise the bridge.  It took a moment to figure out what was happening but the operator kindly waited for him to exit.

On the way home we picked up a Bakers Dozen of live Maine lobster for almost the same price we paid for the toll to cross the George Washington Bridge last week!  The lobsters were a lot more fun and soooo good.

On Tuesday we headed to Franklin, MA to visit our friends at Interactions.  They went over-the-top welcoming us with ice cream and Boston wear so we would be dressed appropriately the next day.

That evening our friends Jim and Malkit had us over to their home. We were in awe of the amazing dinner spread of varied fare from around the world.  So good and fresh. We were sad we only had one stomach each to fill! 

The kids put on an "art show" and gave us free admission.

And the girls fought over their son:)

The next day was Boston Day.  It was a bit cold and rainy, but we walked most of the Freedom Trail and learned a lot.

We have been very spoiled the past month+ visiting with friends along the coast and have had many great meals with them.  That evening, our friends Mike and Heather made another dish that we'd never had.  Tenderloin with a shiitake mushroom reduction and "Lobster Muddle" on baked potato. Mike had cooked a 4lb lobster and in some moment of magic combined it with butter, wine and who knows what else to make something so sinful on the lips it should not be legal. 

Unfortunately the picture was pre-muddle, but you can imagine mouth watering lobster muddle above poured over the top of that potato.

The next day we headed into Portsmouth to see our friend Marissa for lunch.  Portsmouth was a fun town and the weather had changed.

The next day we departed for Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

One Junior Ranger (Boston Historical) and no cut outs!

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