Maine - May 30 - June 5

On Friday we "RV-pooled" with the Hadwen family from NH to Bar Harbor, ME with a couple critical stops along the way. The Moms drove in the car on HWY 1, while the Dads took the more inland route with the RVs and kids. 

A Mom's stop looks like this.

And a Dad's stop looks like this!!  Thanks to a fellow Dad and friend, we knew to stop at Big G's Deli in Winslow, ME.  It was a few miles off the highway and through town, but we would have driven a 100!  The sandwiches are a solid 12" across and the moon pie had the girls in a state of shock.

Our campground was just a few miles from the main Acadia entrance 

We had an ocean view and neighbors who also played the Ukulele. Dueling Ukes!

This is not your typical campground pool!

We started with a drive to the top of Cadillac mountain

It felt like we had our own personal photographer all weekend with Linda snapping all the great shots.

Cadillac mountain is the first place in the continental US to see the sunrise.  It meant a 3:45AM alarm clock, but it was so worth it!

The girls went on a driving tour around the loops while the boys completed a 11+ mile bike ride on the carriage roads within the park.

Thunder Hole is a fun place along the loop drive where ocean meets granite.  At times, the collision tosses water 40' into the air. The boys decided to test their luck as the tide was coming in.  They were not so lucky and rode home a bit cold and wet, but with good memories.

On Monday our friends departed for home. We had such a good time traveling with them and being at their home, it was a bit of a lonely feeling as they drove off. 

We spent the next couple days catching up on school, biking, and driving around Mount Desert Island and Acadia. 

One of many lighthouses on the coast.

This is a "tidal waterfall" - the incoming tide pushing the water inland.

Yesterday while at Schoodic Point, the kids were tired of being in the car so they went exploring in the rain while Mom and Dad watched, dry, from the car.  Anna found out that tidal mud is very sticky when it stole her boots. JAK to the rescue.

In Winter Harbor we stopped at the Lobster CoOp. It was a quiet day and we received a fun little tour and lesson on lobster fishing.

Last night we finally cooked our own ME dish - Lobster rolls.  We cheated a bit and bought pre-picked lobster at the CoOp.

8oz Lobster (this would be a 2lbs+ lobster)

Mix juice from half of a fresh lemon, 2-3Tbsp mayo (to taste), lobster, salt and pepper.

Buy the freshest split top hot dog/sandwich rolls you can find. Melt 2 Tbsp butter, spread on outside of rolls, toast the outside. Spread button on inside role, toast.  Yummmm!!!!!

 It's been a fun stretch up the coast being able to see so many great people.  We will miss friends and family as we head back into Canada with just the five Kolbs for our final two months.  We pray that God is with all of you and we thank him for our safe travels and this adventure. 

The girls found an interactive cut-out!!!

And of course the junior ranger badge for Acadia

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