Minnesota - Aug 10 -12

We were able to see so many good friends and family members during the second half of our time in MN: my aunt Kathleen, the Sergents, the Johnsons, and our past neighbors from Minneapolis the Romsaas family. 

We were able to spend a bit more time in MN thanks to a late delivery of new front tires. As mentioned earlier, we had 'Big Country' (JAK came up with this name for the RV and the Jeep he calls Little Venture, hence the blog name) weighed on the way to MN.  Most Diesel RVs have their engine mounted in the back.  Well, Big Country is different - it is a mid-mount engine.

This provides two benefits:
A: The layout is unique because there is no engine taking up space in back - ie 3 kid friendly
B: There is a built-in heated floor in the kitchen (this means more to some of us..)

But….this also makes for a much heavier front end.  It turned out that we needed special tires for the front. While they are really not that special, we now consider them special after waiting 4 days for them to arrive and... seeing the price tag.  We love these new tires. Love them like I imagine one loves getting back surgery.

But having an a bit more time in MN was a treat.  There was lots of skiing:

And Tubing

And Katie was soooo excited to lose her first tooth while at Oma and Grandpas!

But alas, our tires are on and it is time to depart for our travels.  We had such a good time in MN!! Thanks Mom and Dad for the great time and all the help.